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Abscess, Swelling & Infections in Monroe, NY

There are several dental emergencies that you will want to visit your oral surgeon for.  These include but are not limited to oral infections, abscesses, and swelling.

Oral Infections

An oral infection can arise from any number of problems, including cavities and gum disease.  If you feel that your mouth is becoming infected, please visit our Monroe, NY office as soon as possible to avoid larger problems.

Abscesses & Swelling

Oral infections can lead to gum or tooth-related abscesses.  Abscesses can present as a painful swelling that is filled with pus around an infected area.  Abscesses can form quickly after an infection starts, sometimes as soon as one to two days after infection.  Abscesses will not go away on their own, which is why it is so important to visit our office to let Dr. Smith help you.

For more information about Oral Infections, Abscesses & Swelling, give Dr. Smith a call at (845) 782-4220 today and check out some of the other great services he offers here in Orange County, NY!