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Oral Diagnosis & Biopsies in Monroe, NY

Have you ever noticed a subtle change in your mouth or jaw? Maybe you’re experiencing some numbness or pain or maybe chewing has become difficult. Naturally, we become worried about more serious issues. While Oral Cancer isn’t common, it is something our practice will rule out for you. A simple procedure done right in our office can ease your worries.

How do we perform Oral Diagnosis and Biopsies? 

Usually, our office will simply visually inspect the areas in and outside of your mouth. After a simple inspection of the concerning areas, we can determine if other steps are necessary. If we determine that there is any possibility of a cancerous or pre-cancerous condition, we’ll go ahead and perform an Oral Biopsy right in our office. This simple procedure is fast, requiring only local anesthesia and a small incision. Within a few days, we’ll have your results.

We know that your health is a priority and it’s ours too. Visit our staff at Michael J. Smith, DDS today in Monroe and we’ll take it from there.